Only Robots Are Productive

“I can’t find a job because of the government. I went to school, to college, I got a degree. It’s their fault.” – rolling our eyes while listening to it. Humans are invariably going to demonize the governments for the fabulous rate of unemployment. That’s the human nature though, right? That’s how we are wired […]

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Top 10 Short Notes That Can Offer You More Clarity In Life

1. Realize fully what you can and cannot control. 2. Don’t identify with your thoughts, emotions, perceptions or projections. Your thoughts are usually harmful, your emotions are usually too alarmed, your perceptions rarely accurate and your projections overly optimistic. Analyze them, assess. These don’t represent you, don’t let them control you. Be in control of […]

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3 Important Happiness Hypotheses

I wish I could go up in the Heavens and see this tiny, trivial world from above on which tinnier people strive for achieving their even tinnier, insignificant ambitions. Everybody knows that kid who cried his eyes out because, well, he won a teddy bear, as the other kids did, but, the only paramount problem […]

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